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About Eveda

Dr. Ashok Kumar Rawal

Dr. Ashok Kumar Rawal

Chief Physician & Director

About Us

Eveda is the new name of Innovation in Ayurveda and has emerged from the passion and hard work of the multifaceted, renowned Ayurveda scholar and academician, an able practitioner, a successful entrepreneur and a genuine philanthropist….all at the same time: Dr Ashok Kumar.

Eveda is hallmark of innovation, tradition & technology blended together from the science of Ayurveda. Eveda has a proud heritage of developing herbo-mineral medicines to offer the best from mother earth (nature) to the modern world.

Our vision is to transform lives, through nature. We are determined to revolutionise the way health issues are managed. We believe that taking pills is not the solution for long term illnesses and one can’t achieve wellness without focusing on a being in wholeness. In health matters, everyone has a story and we are working hard to change the ending, to a happy one.

Eveda is driven from intrinsic motivation to offer the best of Ayurveda all over the world. At Eveda , we believe that every human being is like a drop and the nature is like an ocean. Ocean cannot sustain

without the drop so each drop of water has its unique importance. That’s why everyone deserves the best natural medicine and should have the right and knowledge to choose, how they should be treated.

We try our best to preserve the maximum natural nutrients during the whole process from selection of seeds to the complete product that reaches you. At Eveda , we work very closely with farmers, health care professionals, Scientists and Researchers. Ingredients used in Eveda products are the best of the best. And that’s because we work in a team – our teamwork starts from selecting the best seeds, planting it in rich, non-polluted and fertile soil, taking care of, cultivated and then collected with immense care. The clean and dry herbs are harvested in the prime of its season to give you the best quality product, processed and packed hygienically to reach the consumer in unsurpassed standard.

In a nutshell, everyone’s health and wellbeing is Eveda ’s business!