We all are very well aware of the seriousness of health issues arising today. Every now and then we come across people suffering from various diseases, be it a minor one or a major one. People often resort to the use of allopathy to get rid of their illnesses and end up getting cured. However, one question arises. Is allopathic treatment really worth the cost or is it simply a mass destruction of our roots? Let us make a comparison between the modern form of medicine and the traditional one.

  • While the traditional form of medicine takes into consideration the entire body with the physician being aware of all kinds of medicines and their relevance, the modern form of medicine focuses on only certain body parts. The best example would be that a neuro-surgeon is not able to cure a simple fever.
  • Traditional forms of medicine focus on the complete well-being of an individual, i. ,e. physical, physiological, emotional, social well being etc. It deals with the body in whole. On the other hand, the modern form of medicine is just devoted to the replacement of body parts like in the case of emerging fields like bioengineering etc. instead of the cure.
  • The most recognized difference between the two is that while traditional medicines believe in” Go the natural way”; modern medicines believe in “Go the artificial way”.
  • To cure and repair is the ultimate objective of the traditional form of medicine while the modern form of medicine believes in treating and managing things, not in curing.
  • To identify the root cause of the disease and eradicate it completely is the work of our traditional form of medicine while suppressing the problem and never really going to the root cause is the work of modern form of medicine.

As is clear from the above- mentioned points, the modern form of medicine stands defeated in front of the traditional one.