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Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured in FDA inspected and GMP certified facilities. Rigorous testing on all products is carried out using high-pressure liquid chromatography to ensure par excellent quality standards that you can trust.

Our determination to provide you the best begins from the careful efforts of ensuring we source from the trusted, quality assured sources. The most potent part of each herb is picked from the most suitable environment in which it grows the best; this ensures the most mature active ingredients are sealed in full potency when they reach you. To ensure our par-excellent quality, every batch of raw material is tested for pesticides, microbial contamination, heavy metals etc.

Every batch of finished product is tested for potency and quality assurance.

All products are free from most allergens Lactose, Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Nuts, Seeds, Egg, Yeast and also no added salt, sugar, sorbitol or any other artificial sweeteners or flavourings, synthetic food additives and toxic residues. Our products are most suitable for vegans, vegetarians and are halal compliant.

Our supplement labels state exactly what is sealed in the bottle and nothing is hidden! All ingredients are listed with transparency. Capsulation materials used for our products are vegetarian and hypoallergenic.